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A relatively young family office with modest assets under management (advisement) and on course to grow its AUM aggressively by double-digits annually preserving capital through 2027, where next phase of global strategy unfolds.

General Service Areas:
Private global investment strategies. Patient Capital. Holistic wealth management approach. Management of household staff. Travel arrangements. Property development & management. Accounting and payroll activities. Management of legal affairs. Tax planning. Investment management. Infrastructure platform. Hedge fund platform, Real estate platform. Estate planning. Succession planning and business continuity. Charity and Philanthropy.

Offers comprehensive financial and compliance oversight of The DCANS Group and its subsidiaries. The family office figure-head (patriarch) also being The DCANS Group (TDG) founder is deliberate and intentional for: growth strategy, technical expertise, synergies, experience, continuity, seamless operations, drive and initiative.

A geographically diversed SFO.